The Grand Opening of Creative Collections

Creative Collections is a group of a dozen small business entrepreneurs that have gotten together to form a collective.  Sharing a rented space that was previously empty, together they have created a beautiful boutique. Not only is it a great place, but it allows each business owner an opportunity to express their creativity and passion for what they make and do. More importantly, the collective allows them to start up their own small business for very little investment of time and money.  Both things are key reasons why people never get started on their dream of opening their own business.  


There are many activities going on at the boutique over the opening three days and we invite you to come to take a look and share what we are up to with the public. Hopefully, we’ll find others who have dreams of opening their own business too.


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Smackwater Jack’s Taphouse Brings PEDALPUB® To London

On January 16, 2018 the London Tourism board of directors will be taking an inaugural, environmentally-friendly ride aboard the PedalPub®. PedalPub® is a party bike with a barrel that can accommodate eight to 16 riders. It’s being introduced to the London Tourism by Smackwater Jack’s Taphouse entrepreneur, Bradley Oke.


PedalPub’s debut tour begins at Anderson Craft Ales and will pedal its way to London Brewing Co-op, Toboggan Brewing Company, and Powerhouse Restaurant & Brewery. Oke is thrilled to bring the PedalPub® to London and the surrounding area, he says, “It’s the first bike of its kind in Ontario’s Southwest. It’s fun, safe and a great way to get some light exercise while touring the sights.”


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