Innovation Spotlight

Welcome to our Innovation Spotlight Blog Series where we highlight local tourism-based businesses that are approaching an aspect of their trade in new and original ways. Are you doing something innovative? Let us know or apply for our 2018 Innovation Awards! Want to stay updated on the fresh and creative ways people are approaching the tourism industry? Sign up for our newsletter today.


G-L Heritage Brewing Company

For years, Dwayne and Jen Grondin visualized ways to use the family’s century farm land for more than just harvesting standard crops, while still keeping the integrity of the agricultural land. This family land was purchased from the Crown Reserve by their ancestors and held by seven generations of Waldrons in Amherstburg, dating all the way back to 1867. One November evening in 2015, Dwayne and his brother, Greg, were enjoying some local craft beer when they discovered the perfect way to use the land: a brewery farm. Instantly, they started to research pilot brewing systems and within a few weeks, a small commercial unit was ordered and delivered.


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