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This page features research, reports & statistics relevant to the tourism industry. For more information on these or other industry resources contact Joanne Wolnik.


Visitor Profiles – Infographics


2017 Cycling Market Research Report

Ontario’s Southwest (OSW) partnered with Adventure Cycling, as recommended by Ontario based cycling associations, to gather market research on the Ontario, New York State, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan cycling markets. As the main geographic targets for the Ontario’s Southwest region these provinces and states were the most applicable for outreach. The research was gathered through an online cycling survey, answering question about cyclist’s current and future trips.


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Tourism Statistics


2014 Gateway to Growth, Annual Report on Canadian Tourism: Focus on US market.


The Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC) and HLT Advisory have published the Annual Report on Canada’s Travel and Tourism Industry. This edition reports global and domestics statistics, and focuses on the United States; Canada’s best customer, biggest competitor and a potential gateway to growth in international visitation through the promotion of bi-national travel.


2014 Regional Tourism Profiles


The Ministry of Tourism Culture and Sport recently updated its Regional Tourism Profiles with 2014 data.


Each profile includes:

– Visitor Statistics
– Visitor Spending Statistics
– Hotel Statistics
– Tourism Related Establishments


The Regional Tourism Profiles are available via Please select Region 1 from the drop down box and click go!


Please note: Please note that due to changes in Statistics Canada’s methodology, 2011 domestic data is not comparable to previous years. Also note that due to changes in Statistics Canada’s methodology, caution should be used when comparing 2013 US and Overseas data to previous years.


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