Southwest Ontario Tourism Corp. (SWOTC) is publically branded as Ontario’s Southwest and all marketing efforts by the organization are conducted under this brand.


Marketing efforts for the organization follow SWOTC’s Strategic Market Sectors: Culinary, Wine & Craft Beer, Waterfront, and Significant Event Opportunities. The Waterfront sector is broken down into sub-sectors as outlined in the graphic to the right. These strategic sectors were chosen as a result of recent, in-depth research. More information on this research and the overall strategy for SWOTC can be found on the Tourism Strategy page.


The key marketing demographic target markets of our marketing campaigns are the “travel segments” identified by the Consumer Insight Research done by TNS as the top two segments by share of travel spend: Up & Coming Explorers and Connected Explorers. You can see the demographic profile of each outlined in the graphic below. Both segments have been identified by research to have high interest in outdoors activities, nature sightseeing, culinary, and beaches, all of which were recognized as “core offer attributes” of Ontario’s Southwest.


For information on SWOTC marketing, including available visual assets, marketing opportunities, resources, examples & results of previous SWOTC marketing campaigns, please explore the other pages in the Marketing menu.