2014/15 Marketing

Marketing efforts in 2014/15 saw a refinement of our campaign strategy to two seasonal campaigns. The campaigns geographically targeted primarily bordering US markets, Michigan & Ohio, and Southern Ontario markets outside of Ontario’s Southwest including Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Niagara Falls, and the outer Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The secondary target geographic markets were the GTA and within Ontario’s Southwest.


The two seasonal campaigns that made up the bulk of marketing in 2014/15 were a Summer Campaign and a Fall Campaign. Each campaign’s tactics included a Free-Standing-Insert (FSI), digital advertising, including Google, Trip Advisor, Weather Network, Facebook & mobile, website content updates, E-blasts, social media, and more.


Summer Campaign

The summer campaign focused primarily on the waterfront product of Ontario’s Southwest including on-water activities, beaches, boating & fishing, and near-water activities, birding, camping, cycling & motorcycling. Additionally, there was a secondary product focus on culinary, wine, and craft beer. Summer_FSICover

A Travel Offers program was also introduced as a part of the summer campaign. Consumers were invited to take advantage of special deals, discounts, and perks on accommodations, attractions, outdoor recreation, getaways, and culinary & wine.



View the Summer Campaign Results.


Fall Campaign

The focus of the fall campaign was on road trips off the beaten path and discovering all that Ontario’s Southwest has to offer as relating to culinary, wine, craft beer, cycling, motorcycling, and birding. Fall_FSICover

Travel Offers were utilized again in a similar fashion to the summer campaign with an addition of special fall road trip discount rates at a number of accommodations providers across Ontario’s Southwest.



View the Fall Campaign Results.