Past Marketing

FY 2014/2015

Summer_FSICoverMarketing efforts in 2014/15 saw a refinement of our campaign strategy to two seasonal campaigns. The campaigns geographically targeted primarily bordering US markets, Michigan & Ohio, and Southern Ontario markets outside of Ontario’s Southwest including Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Niagara Falls, and the outer Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The secondary target geographic markets were the GTA and within Ontario’s Southwest.


The two seasonal campaigns that made up the bulk of marketing in 2014/15 were a Summer Campaign and a Fall Campaign. Each campaign’s tactics included a Free-Standing-Insert (FSI), digital advertising, including Google, Trip Advisor, Weather Network, Facebook & mobile, website content updates, E-blasts, social media, and more.


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FY 2013/2014

Marketing efforts for 2013/14 focused on product specific campaigns. Product priorities were segmented as Tier 1 and Tier 2, listed below, with Tier 1 products being promoted each with their own multi-platform campaign and Tier 2 products promoted collectively with one multi-platform campaign that also included Brand Awareness.




Geographically, the primary target market for these campaigns was the Greater Toronto Area, and secondarily, Michigan and within Ontario’s Southwest. For tactics, the advertising for all campaigns consisted of print, including magazine & newspaper, digital, radio, out-of-home, and video.


FY 2013-14 Campaign Results


Tier 1 Campaign Samples



Tier 2 Campaign Samples


To go along with marketing efforts during 2013-14, SWOTC also partnered with a number of tourism organizations and operators on a number of projects including:




FY 2012-2013


Spring of 2012 saw the launch of the brand new Ontario’s Southwest brand with a brand new logo and website. The marketing campaign for this launch was a brand awareness campaign utilizing a combination of traditional and online media platforms highlighting key product priorities including culinary & wine, festivals, birding, motorcycling, and fishing.


FY 2012-2013 Campaign Results